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What is the “LKMTL”?

The Montreal Karting League (LKMTL) is the turnkey racing division of ICAR Karting!  

No need to have a kart to race, no need for equipment, gas or tires, everything is included in the price! 

The only thing to do in order to be able to participate in the LKMTL events is to obtain our "Elite" status.  To do so, you will have to show up at ICAR Karting and reach the qualifying time on our RT8 rental karts (according to your weight, chart here), or by participating in one of our clinics (info here).  

Finally, drivers who: 
   - Already participated in SWS rounds, and/or 
   - Completed a driving training (in karting), and/or  
   - have a federated karting racing experience;  
Are, also, automatically promoted to "Elite" status. 

In our league, several formulas are available to you:

The "Sprint Cup" is the flagship series of the LKMTL and brings together up to 40 drivers per round. 
10 rounds on the calendar allow an intense championship with high level drivers!  
Seell the information here.

New for 2021, the clinics give you the perfect opportunity to gain experience before going into "Sprint Cup" and "Endurance Cup" races or simply to improve your skills. 
In groups of 20 drivers maximum, come and learn alongside our instructors, the driving techniques and knowledge necessary to ensure you better results in racing.  
See all the information here.

A 6h Team race, Endurance requires consistency, tactics and a good physical condition. This is one of the tightest race! Every detail count if you want to be on the podium! 
Information to come.